Virtual Design World Cup The 7th Student BIM&VR Design Conteston Cloud Services Entry Form

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  • After the confirmation of your entry, the entry ID will be sent to you by the automatic reply mail.

  • Please apply for "Rental software" and "Seminar" using the form we will send to you by email, if required..

  • *Note:
    Please do not include any information that directly or indirectly identifies a particular group or individual in your work nor your team name.

  • Personal information you provide will be used by us to the extent necessary to run the competition.
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Please use the "Fill-out Form for Work Plan" to type in the title of your work, your team name and team members, and to present your work with an explanation of its overview (in 100 words in English) and image(s). Please present how you wish to mix and match different types of software you intend to rent and use them interactively through data exchange and simulation either in words and/or using images, sketch, and diagrams.

*All of the works will be judged on an anonymous basis. Please choose a team name and title by which an individual or group CANNOT be identified.