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MitCaseImage Residential Lighting Simulation
Creation of a residential street (length = 200 m), installation of blocks, apartment buildings, trees / shrubs, and street lamps.Use of the advanced lighting function in 10 places where street lamps have been installed; bloom settings applied to an illuminated sign board, foot lights and residential building windows. Creation of 3 intersections with intersecting roads that are 150 m in length.Creation of 20 residential houses, 1 kind of street lamp, and foot light modelConfiguration of driving routes on roads and inclusion of walking human characters.Script setting.
Estimate Type : Residential Lighting Simulation
  STEP1. Distance Information
Please select an estimation method.
Input by item
Standard cross section km Interchange / Junction km Construction zone (berm processing) km
Cross sectional change km Tunnel / Under pass km Others km
Grade intersection km Bridge km
Definition of the zone to create
Standard cross section Length of standard road section zone (Sample standard section: 4 lanes and median guardrail)
Cross sectional change Length of cross sectional zones that differ from the standard section (e.g., wider lanes/ emergency parking)
Grade intersection Length of intersection zone (Standard length for each leg of the modeled intersection is about 50m)
IC / JCT Length of interchanges/junctions (Input the distance of the zone from the start to end of a ramp)
Tunnel / Under pass Length of tunnels (Please note that textures are available but tunnel entrance models are not included)
Bridge Length of bridges (Please note that separate 3D models are necessary for arched bridge visualization)
Construction zone
(berm processing)
Length of construction/berm zone
Others Length of other specialized road zones

  Input total extended distance
      Total extended distance km Standard cross section, cross sectional change against the input distance are set automatically.
  STEP2. 3D Model and Texture Accuracy
Select an accuracy level for 3D modeling and texturing. Estimated man-hours depend on the chosen accuracy level.
  Creation Accuracy
  Rough   Normal   Excellent
Minimum adjustment with only standard texture Model /cross section adjustment with standard textures Advanced adjustment and creation based on collected data and materials
  STEP3. Options
  1. 3D modeling
Select the type of 3D models you would like to include.See Model Pricing
  Select individually (for separated modeling)
3D model (set of 100 elements)
3D model (set of 150 elements)
3D model (set of 400 elements)

Charactor model
3D tree (set of two trees)
Textures (set of five textures)
  No 3D models included

  2. Simulation Settings  New
Select the number of traffic scenarios you would like to simulate.
Traffic flow settings (set of ten roads) set Intersection signal control settings set

  3. Default/Before/After settings  New
Case studies include before and after scenes in addition to the default mode visualization. Select the number of cases to be simulated.

  4. Images
Select the size and number of images you would like captured from the data

  5. AVI Videos
Video clips of the simulation data can be created as AVI files. Input the resolution level and length (in minutes)
Rough minute Normal minute Excellent minute

No processing, only capturing

Simple simulation

Live-action, extra effects, and editing based on script creation
Sample rough.avi(35.0MB) Sample normal.avi(40.5MB) Sample excellent.avi(218MB)
  STEP4. Aerial photography
Use of aerial photos
If you want to use an aerial photographs then please select "Aerial photos are used.", or if you already have an aerial photographs then please select "Aerial photos are not used.".
    Aerial photos are used.     Aerial photos are not used.
    2 16㎞2 is an minimum purchase unit. Input the required number by 1km2
  STEP5. Simulation settings
Operation Settings  man-day (20PT / 1.2manday)
Simulation of large models (e.g. railroad crossings and construction machinery movement) can be expressed, by adding extra settings to the 3D models. Input the number of man-days required to create the settings. 20 points (changes in direction for the model) are considered to be 1 man-day of work.
Flight Paths and Driving routes  man-day (20PT / 0.3man-day)
Several types of simulation can be expressed by creating flight/driving routes to travel through the data. Input the number of a required man-day unit. 20 points (direction alteration point) is regarded here as one man-day.
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